Black wood clutch displayed with rhinestone jewelry.
Black clutch and crossbody strap.
Burgundy brocade damask print lining of wood clutch.
Side view of black wood clutch.
Front view of black wood clutch.

MIDNIGHT-Black Wood Clutch

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STEP INTO THE DARKNESS...It's midnight in the city that never sleeps...NYC. You leave your hotel, situated in the middle of Saint Marks Place. Full of vintage shops and quaint little restaurants. The night is buzzing with energy. Thank goodness you brought your favorite bag.  Sleek and unique to wear with your distressed jeans while rocking out at The Bowery Bar or with your little black dress when you decide to dine at NOBU. Tonight you chose to wear a burgundy number to match the wine-colored baroque-printed interior of your beloved clutch. The black crossbody strap is comfortably slung over your shoulders as you head out on the town. The neon lights highlight the midnight sky just like the ivory stripes on your handbag. You walk towards the action, ready to paint the town red.

This is upscale and upcycled handmade clothing and accessories that you can take anywhere and everywhere. Exclusively yours with purchase.

  • Jet black wood slat clutch with white striped details
  • Burgundy damask print lining
  • Adjustable length black crossbody strap
  • 13"x 7"x 3"
  • Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, normal wear and tear is expected.