Striped wood clutch displayed with gold necklaces on jewelry stand.
Striped wood clutch with brown faux leather crossbody strap
Ultra-suede lining
Striped wood clutch side view of animal print side details
JALOUSIE-Striped Wood Clutch

JALOUSIE-Striped Wood Clutch

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SEDUCTION IN A HANDBAG...You walk across Dam Square, full of locals and tourists. Music and laughter are everywhere. You open your handbag to grab a few euros from the camel-colored ultra-suede interior to pay for your delicious fries from the street vendor. You sling the tan crossbody strap across your shoulders but are careful not to stain the striking animal print side details. While walking the canals of Amsterdam, you see red lights in the distance.  You walk towards them to see what adventure awaits. Excited and nervous you cross the bridge and come upon a small church surrounded by windows, some striped with vertical blinds. The striped shadows reflected on the cobblestones mimic the pattern of your stylish and practical handbag. Both hide the mysteries within. A coffee shop beckons you to its doors. You sit beside an outside table to watch the people pass by and the seductive smiles from the windows.  

This is upscale and upcycled handmade clothing and accessories that you can take anywhere and everywhere. Exclusively yours with purchase.

  • Striped wood slat clutch with animal print side details
  • Brown ultra-suede lining
  • adjustable length tan crossbody strap
  • 13"x 7"x 3"
  • Slight colour differences depending on the monitor or screen
  • Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, normal wear and tear is expected.