Front view of pink crochet crossbody bag
side view of pink crochet crossbody bag
Front view of pink crochet crossbody bag, hat and purse keychains

DONNA ROSA-Dusty Pink Crossbody Handbag

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Laying on a beach in Sardinia. Just you in your pink bikini, your towel, a book, some snacks, and the perfect little crossbody bag. You open the gold button clasp to find your sunscreen. You dig your feet into the sand and let out a little giggle because it matches the colour of your handbag. You look up to see a beautiful stranger. They call out "Donna Rosa!" and gesture to join them to frolic in the warm water.

This is upscale and upcycled handmade clothing and accessories that you can take anywhere and everywhere. Exclusively yours with purchase.

  • Handmade pink crochet, staggered brick pattern crossbody handbag
  • 50" gold chain crossbody strap
  • 8"(height)x 5.5"(width)x1.5"(depth)
  • Slight colour differences depending on the monitor or screen
  • Please allow 1/4"-1" difference due to being a handmade product and manual measurement.
  • Upcycled handbag is made from recycled and reclaimed materials, normal wear and tear is expected.