close up of gold filigree napkin ring with oversized pearl holding a cloth napkin
gold filigree napkin ring with oversized pearl
a gold and a silver filigree napkin rings with large oversized pearls
gold and pearl napkin holder ring on rolled white napkin
12 piece silver filigree and pearl napkin ring set
silver filigree and pearl napkin ring on fan pleated white napkin

SAVEUR-12PC Pearl and Filigree Napkin Rings

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It’s never too early or too late to start planning your table decor. It’s all about finding stylish accents that embody the spirit of the event as well as flattering the overall aesthetic of your home. If you've settled on everything that will make your dinner theme pop, the chances are that you’ve probably overlooked decorating your table linens. Napkin rings shouldn’t be an afterthought. The simple addition of napkin holders convey your attention to detail and add a dash of glam to your tablescape. At your next get-together feature this luxurious baroque-inspired brass filigree ring with an oversized pearl accent. This 12 piece set of napkin rings will certainly add a dash of elegance and enhance your dinner table. Perfect for your next party, holiday dinner, celebration, wedding, or just about any special occasion. Complete your table decor with these ornate napkin rings that exude an antique vibe. Available in a set of 12 with gold or silver finish. Be the epitome of taste and style!